I Need Everyone’s Help

This post will not be like my previous ones, but it’s about a poem. I’ll be blunt here, I need help. I joined a poetry competition and I submitted my piece via Facebook. I need to increase the number of “likes” so my piece has a chance of winning. I haven’t posted that poem here yet because the competition is still on going. This is the last day for voting, so I’m hoping to get everyone to help me out. Click the link to check it out. Just click on the “English Category” photo then start scrolling down to find my name, Kregian Vareare Miral, and give my piece a thumbs up because it would really help me out a lot.

I thank all of you for the support you’ve given me and don’t worry, whether I win or lose, which is I’m pretty confident that I’ll win with all of your help, I’ll keep making poems. Poetry is in my blood and to deny it, is to deny myself of living my life. Again, thank you and stay awesome guys!

Torrid Humid, Weather Swelter

Something is wrong,
Something isn’t right.
Like the heat is too strong
And the sun shines too bright.

I remember when I was kid,
When playing and eating was all I ever did.
It wasn’t this freaking hot.
Right now, I feel like I’m inside a boiling pot.

Here in Cebu, the temperature is very humid.
90 degrees Fahrenheit, yes this true.
If we convert that to Celsius, as I what I did,
The equivalent number is around 32.

Now take a look at those numbers, alright?
And tell me what do you conclude.
You think people here are burning, right?
You probably think the heat forced us to go nude.

You might think this is a joke,
Made by some dimwit bloke.
I wish I was telling you this inside a comedy booth.
But this is really an inconvenient truth.

The world’s global temperature is indeed rising.
That’s why reports of heat stroke are also increasing.
That’s why the ice on the poles are constantly melting.
That’s why arctic creatures are slowly dying.

The average temperature on all land and ocean surfaces
Has warmed to 0.85 degrees Celsius.
That’s 1.53 degrees in Fahrenheit
And that’s a rising number we should fight.

If global warming continues,
It’s not just the animals who will perish soon.
Every living being on Earth will be doomed.
All thanks to humanity’s abuse.

Sea levels will rise and the soil will die.
Vegetation won’t grow no matter how hard we try.
Potable drinking reservoirs will soon go dry.
Almost all life on this planet will undergo extinction,
As we slowly die from hunger and dehydration.

Future generations will have nothing left
Except for a barren place.
A world abandoned to a state of bereft.
A world that has clearly fallen from grace.

Is this the kind of legacy we want to leave?
Is this the kind of thing we wish to pass on?
We wouldn’t want our offsprings to suffer, I believe.
That’s why we must move and take action!

If we truly want to save our existence,
We have to take care of Mother Earth.
If we continue to be negligent and dense,
We end up losing the planet of our birth.

Everything Will Be Alright

Life will bombard us with problems, left and right.
Times will be hard and finances will go tight.
Food will be scarce and hunger will fill the night.
But despite this, everything will be alright.

Hardships will come, covering up what’s bright.
Darkness will consume what’s left of the light,
And we might stumble and crawl inside this blight.
But despite this, everything will be alright.

Our knees may tremble as we feel its fright.
Our hearts may sink and the Devil may delight.
Our souls may whimper at this unfortunate plight.
But despite this, everything will be alright.

For time passes by in the blink of an eye.
Happy and sad events, both will bid goodbye.
So don’t worry about everything because the Universe is always right.
When times are difficult, remember that everything will be alright.

Cheer Up

Sunshines and kittens aren’t really my thing.
If I were to compare my life with anything,
It’d be the video games Silent Hill and Evil Within.
Games of constant torment, horror and struggle.
A life of misery and hardship accompanied by trouble.

As horrible and as gruelling as my life truly is,
I admit there are things to be happy about.
Like how my cats and dogs bring joy to me and bliss.
Like how a scrumptious meal satisfies my mouth.

Like when I read my poems and I find myself in awe.
Amazed by the fact that they are something I wrote.
Poems that deliver mixed emotions like “yuck” and “awww.”
Poems in which I embedded my dreams and hope.

Like when I listen to some music to calm my furious brain.
Like how the Sun would shine through your window pane,
And say to you “Good morning. It’s me again!
It’s a new day so forget about your sorrows and pain!”

So stop your sulking and your crying.
Put a smile on your face that’s always frowning. There are lots of things to be thankful for.
So cheer up and don’t let your day be a bore.

​The Man and His Empty House

A man lived alone in his quiet house.
It was an empty home devoid of life.
There was no one with him, not even a sneaking mouse.
Although the place was peaceful, he still lived in strife.

His life was meaningless and it was empty like a discarded bottle.
He was tired and weary from all of the battle.
The battle that he fought for all these years.
All of his hardship, his sweat and tears.

But then he found a creature that tugged at his heart.
A creature that was helpless and whose life had been torn apart.
He took it home and showered it with love and care.
He saved the creature from a life of pain and despair.

Now, the stray dog fills him with joy.
He now has a friend and a companion, not merely a toy.
A companion who is loyal and would never leave his side.
A friend who would be his, until the day he died.

A man used to live alone in his quiet and empty house.
But now it is full of life, thanks to the dog he brought into his house.

The Truth About Drinking

I’d be lying if I told you I’m not a drunkard anymore.
In reality, I’m such a liqouor obssessed man whore.
I know that I should resist this destructive vice.
But it is the only thing that makes me relax and revise.

Revise my thoughts and think about deeper things.
Though at the end of the day I’m still stuck in this stupor.
I can’t help but think I have a problem with this kind of thinking.
But who the hell cares? I’m just a nobody drinking.
Drowning myself in the arms of an alcoholic rapport.

I thought I’m out of this circle, I thought I’m out of this loop.
But reality tells me I just ran out of a group.
A group of money where I can drink to my heart’s content.
I’m not talking about the people, just a poor effort and attempt.

Attempt to try and conceal what I really am.
And who I am is an alcoholic fan.
A fan for the beverages that numbs my senses.
An addict to the substance that fogs my lenses.

 What Happened To Me?

I wonder what happened to me, not to us.
We’ve fought a lot as we travelled inside this bitter-sweet bus.
We’ve experienced every emotion it has to offer us.
From feelings of anxiety and fuss,
To feelings of love and lust.

It has been a crazy ride
as we tumble and rise against the tide.
And even though times can get pretty rough,
I regret nothing and I do not regret our love.

But I do question some things from time to time.
Like what happened to me all this time?
Have I changed so much that I didn’t notice it?
I’m beginning to question the mirror and the person inside it.

I’ve been asking myself about what I truly feel.
Like how is it that I love you, but why does it seem unreal?
How is it that I love you, but I’m not crazy about you anymore?
How is it that I hate you, but at the same time someone I adore?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not choosing other people over you.
Trust me when I say that my love for you is stronger than ten to the power of two.
And I haven’t fallen in love with someone else or anything of that sort.
And if someone else fell in love with me,
All they’d get is my “NO” and abrupt retort.

I love you so much even words can’t describe it.
But I’m not crazy in love the way you are to me.
I wouldn’t really fret about it even a bit,
But I found this “crazy in love” a problem you see.

If I’m going to be honest, I feel bad about myself.
Like how am I not crazy about you when you’re the person I love the most?
I’m like your symbiotic parasite and you are my host.
Yet why am I not head over heels for you and that’s why I am at a loss.

Loss for words on how to justify what I feel.
If I’m not crazy for you, then how can I prove that my love is real?
Maybe that’s why we still haven’t compromised after six long years.
Maybe that’s why we still bicker about the same things I tire to hear.

I hate myself for not being able to love you back like I should.
I wish I can be an expressive lover like you, I really wish I could.
That way, you’ll stop doubting my love and everything would be good.
But I am not like that and I loathe myself because I’m not doing what a “good lover” should.

But despite all of my shortcomings, you’re still here to stay.
You’re still with me and you always make it a point to call me everyday.
I know I should be happy, but I’m honestly not.
I feel like everything is welling up towards a sickening plot.

You have been a very good partner and you’re the best one I’ve had so far.
But I can’t help but think that you and I are not on par.

I don’t deserve someone like you, I don’t deserve the love you have to give.
An amazing, beautiful and loving person like you shouldn’t be trapped to live
In this shitty life and with a shitty guy like me.
That’s why every so often when I pray,
I ask God to take you away
And find you someone else who is worthy.
I pray to God that you’ll find someone better than me.