A Change in Life



I have often been alone,

Which means I’m used to being alone.

I’m used not talking to anyone & making friends out of stone.

I’ve lived most of my days like this, standing alone in the crowd.

But even though I’m mostly & usually alone, I can still say I’m proud.

Proud of myself, for being used at being alone.

If I had one, I would probably talk to my clone.

But all of that changed, when you came along.

This once cold & lonely boy suddenly found a place where he could say “I belong”.

Now I don’t want to be alone anymore, I want to be always near you.

You take away my sadness, my madness & my fear.

You’re my refuge, from all of the world’s problems.

You’re my reason for living, when the world seems to explode.

It cripples & weakens me, straight to my core, I’m hurting inside.

So now I’m Β missing you, so bad that it drives me crazy.

Without you here with me, my life seems so lazy.

I’m like a spider, who lost one of it’s leg.

A spider who needs another leg, but can’t scream for it or beg.

I have often been alone, which means I’m used to being alone.

But ever since you came along, I’ve lost my ability to make friends out of stone.


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