Never First in Line



A lot of people say, that nice guys finish last.

That aggressive people are the one who have the safety of being first.

So then I thought of being aggressive, so I could finish first.

I thought of changing myself, just so I could quench the thirst.

The thirst of wanting to be first, to have a taste of glory.

To hear people say “You deserve to be the first”, to be considered holy.

But as I tried to be aggressive & assertive, I realized it’s not working.

I don’t know why it doesn’t seem to fit me,

So instead of changing I found myself in a state of asking.

Is it my curse to reach the finish line in last place?

Am I not deserving to receive the glory of finishing first place?

At the end, I failed at becoming aggressive.

I have a strange feeling that I’m corrosive.

Corrosive to first place, I don’t belong there.

I figured it’s in my nature to always be humble,

So I’m always left here.

I realized this is me & I shouldn’t change this part.

Because this is what separates me, from their raging hearts.

My ability is to be humble

& willing to give the first place to someone else.

This ability is to give the advantage to everybody else.

3 thoughts on “Never First in Line

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