To My Friends & Loved Ones

I really can’t consider you as a competition.
It’s because of our friendly relation.
I can listen seriously if you had a long day,
I can laugh with you when you’re being joyful in the fray,
I can delve in that dry & dead leaf you call a heart when you’re in grief

& I can sit silently beside you while your tears flood up those miserable relief.
I can be there for you in times most dire.
I can be by your side when you think suicide is the only answer.
I can stop you from jumping off that bridge as you crave for oblivion.
I can stop you from pulling the trigger & make you realize that it’s a wrong decision.

I can be there when the world raise an arm against you.
I can be your only ally when everyone you know is attacking you.
I can raise my sword & rip apart the hearts of those who are threatening you.
I can be your family when you need someone who won’t leave you.
I will drink wine from the bosom & get drunk with you when you’re feeling blue.

But I can never be your enemy, that’s too much for me.
I may get mad at times, but never eternally angry.
I can never hold a grudge against you, never will that happen.
It’s too much for my heart to carry, it’s too much of a burden.

If you consider me as a competition, that’s fine & I can understand.
But I can never be your competitor, I can never raise a heavy hand.

Call Center (Feb.19, 2014)

Five more days.
Five more days & I’ll arrive to the moment of duty.
Five more days & I’ll once again rise to the call of duty.
I’ll once again be a soldier for the telecommunications sea.
A vast & hectic sea, full of suspense, pressure & unpredictability.

I’ll once again be an agent via the telephone.
Catering customer needs from their office or home.
Communication skills I must once again awaken & hone.
To their fullest level, to avoid problems.
To make every customer smile, ’cause I’ve either solved or tried solving their problems.

I’ll once again be a punching bag for irate customers.
Their machine gun curses & venomous cussing I’ll once again be enduring.
Taking every painful blow to the gut, so long as I could have a living.
Their volcanic eruptions of rage spewing lava from their mouths to the telephone speakers.
I’ll once again try to cool their fiery tongue using words so I could create a metaphorical water.

Their alienation, discrimination & racist mentions,
I’ll once again grind my teeth due to anger & pain, for I cannot answer back in a bad manner
For I’ll lose everything before I could even gain.
This is the side, no one has ever heard of.
The side of the people that almost everyone thinks are jerk offs.

We say it not, for we must be discreet
We say it not, but we are stressed & boiled to the pressurizing heat,
Of competition, emotion & discrimination.
We didn’t want this job, but we only have the word “LIMITED EDITION” as an option.
“Thank you for calling, how may I help you?”
The words of a person who needs more help than you do.