When They Met (For a Friend)


Jack met Jill up the hill

Where they first saw each other.

Jill told Jack she didn’t feel well.

So Jack went down to fetch a pail of water.

When Jack came back Jill was crying.

Jack went near to wipe her tears.

“Stop that, stop your weeping.”

“Tell me what’s wrong, I lend to you my ears.”

Then they talked & talked & talked.

While they walked & walked & walked.

Then they laughed & laughed & laughed.

‘Til it was time to go home to their separate paths.

“Remember Jill, don’t be too hard on yourself.”

“Just take it easy & always love yourself.”

“I’m always here whenever you need me.”

They both said goodbye feeling ecstatic & bubbly.

Sorry for the Delay

Hi guys! So I just wanted to tell all of you thank you so much for checking out my poems & as always thank you so much for your time. I would like to apologize in advance because there will be a delay in my postings due to the fact that I have to proof read a couple of poems which I have in stock & I’m still mixing up ideas as well as getting them. So again, I apologize for the delay but I will try my best to provide a fresh post by tomorrow. Thank you much guys & stay awesome! 😀

A Box Full of Disappointments


Looking back when I was a kid.

Looking back on the things I did.

Looking back on the childhood dreams.

Looking back on how they flowed like streams.

Reminiscing on what I love to do,

I can’t help but wonder “What happened to me?”.

I was supposed to be happy.

I was supposed to be true.

But in the end I got disdained.

All these years, I’m still in pain.

Missed opportunities lead to grief & woe.

I failed myself ’cause I sold out too.

We said we’d be there together

& none of us would give up.

We said we’d be brothers forever,

But then we needed to grow up.

We were supposed to be different,

We were supposed to be true.

But in the end we were inconsistent

Because we gave up too.

We lose our hope & we go numb.

We divert our attention

In an effort to ease our tension

Because we don’t want to see what we’ve become.

We jeopardize our faith & what we believe in.

‘Til we end up believing in nothing.

We let go of our talent & fantasy.

We gave up who we are to live in reality.

We Could Have Had It All


 Insomnia has a grip on me again.

Not because I’m bored,

But because of a brooding pain

I’ve always abhorred.

It is the pain of loss.

That sickening gut wrenching feeling.

It’s like having a parasitic moss

Which sucks the life out of the living.

I love you & will always do.

I’m pretty sure you know it too.

But despite this fact you kept on attacking me boo.

Despite my efforts, you persisted on making us blue.

You would start fights

That would go on all night.

You kept making mountains out of mole hills.

You made our love into a living hell.

All the talks that we had got wasted.

All our efforts to fix “us” got busted.

All because of your senseless jealousy.

All because of your unrequited insecurity.

I don’t blame you though,

 You probably did your best.

I know you also regret we’ve fallen down so low.

Your demons probably got the best of you I guess.

But I’ll tell you one thing,

It won’t be the thought of losing you

That’ll keep me tossing & turning.

It’ll be the thought of what could’ve been me & you

& how wonderful we could’ve been if you had faith in me too.

The Million Dollar Question

There’s always been a question in me.

When answered, it’ll help me face reality.

I’m sure it’s not just me who has this question.

Everyone has it, from every country & nation.

I’ve always wondered why are we here?

Why are we trying to live so hard when one day we’ll disappear?

Only a few already have what they want,

While most of us will be striving like a mule & then pant.

Most of us will be chasing dreams we can’t grasp.

We’ll still aim for it, though we’re out of breath & we gasp.

A bigger question is: Why do we do our best in this place?

When misery is a guarantee & happiness is a phase?

I also wonder if there is an after life.

I wonder if there’s a world beyond this chaos & strife.

War is present around the world & in the Middle East.

Is it still possible to attain world peace?

These questions constantly pop in my head.

They make me toss & turn in my bed.

They make me question the life I’ve led.

& now I wonder: Am I better off dead?

I Need Help!

Hi guys! It’s me again & I’m so sorry that I only update my blog so very often. You see what happened was I got a job for the past 6 months & that made me really busy. However I wasn’t cut out to be a regular employee for the company due to some educational background discrepancies. So right now I’m jobless but I am happy because I get to do what I want again which is to write poems! Unfortunately for me the computer that we’re using broke down (apparently the hard drive got fed up & decided not to work anymore) so I’m left with my phone to use to post my poems. See here’s the thing. I’m really comfortable when I search for pictures on Google which I believe would match the visuals on my poems which is hard if I’m using my phone because 1.it’s harder to use compared to a computer. 2.it lacks some functions that can be found on the computer & 3.i honestly prefer using a computer. With that being said, it doesn’t mean I can’t post my poems using my phone. I’m just concerned with the picture because I believe it would bring out more impact if there was a visual depiction. So let me know what you guys think if it’s better with picture or if it’s alright without picture or any other suggestion you could give me it would really mean a lot to me. Just leave a comment so I could read them & I’ll be looking forward for some suggestions. Take care guys & see you later alligators! 🙂

By the Goat is a Tree


When we were born,

Everything was dark.

We couldn’t see happiness or forlorn,

We couldn’t even see the tiniest spark.

When our eyes began to see,

We realized how beautiful colors could be.

We saw things our tiny minds can’t comprehend.

Curiosity was our master & there were no “dead end”.

The world was a huge playground.

Those were the times we enjoyed the merry-go-round.

We had buddies who were lesbian or gay.

It didn’t matter, everyone was a compadre.

We had friends who were black & white.

It didn’t matter, we played blissfully ’til night.

We had friends who were Muslims & Christians.

It didn’t matter, we laughed until our hearts shined.

The world was a paradise,

Where everyone took turns on rolling the dice.

This was a time where difference

Was not considered a hindrance.

Then one day, everything changed.

Everyone began to be estranged.

All the laughter & joy from the previous years,

All of them got replaced with tears.

Nowadays, being different is dangerous.

“Distinct” is now a violent stimulus.

We gave skin colors a deadly meaning.

We made gender into a repulsive misunderstanding.

We turned religion into a tool of hate.

“Death to our enemies is an act of faith!”

We transformed the world from cruel to sadistic.

So much blood has been spilled, the world is now an addict.

I hope we all realize,

There is a need to neutralize.

Neutralize & stop the seed of bigotry.

Before it materializes to an invincible tree.