A Dysfunctional Love & Apathy


I heard shouts & loud noises downstairs.

I went down, only to see orange & pears

Scattered on the floor,

Along with broken plates & an open door.

They’ve been fighting again, I can tell.

From how my mother wailed

To our house looking like hell.

Yeah, talking calmly surely failed.

They’ve been like this for so long

That I can’t help but ask:

Isn’t fighting supposed to be wrong?

Yet why is it a part of their daily task?

Now I’m stuck with a question I can’t answer:

What is a family?

Is it about love & loyalty?

Or is it about hatred & fear?

Is it about fighting in front of your child?

Is it about pointing fingers on who’s right & wrong

& disregarding the little one all the while?

Or is it about leaving the kids alone?

Is it about your dad punching the table

So hard that it bore a hole?

While your mother is shouting like a fool

& you’re trembling, yet they don’t mind you at all?

Is it about finding out your dad had an affair

& all of you found out from a neighbor?

Is it about having a sister

That got so depressed she almost hanged her neck in the air?

I don’t know what is a family anymore.

With everything I’ve seen,

My parent’s quarrels, their fight scenes,

Maybe a family is dysfunctional after all.

To Be Honest


Lately I’ve been thinking about

Getting back with you.

That’s because I love you

& I miss you.

But every time there is a drop

In your emotions, I freeze.

Then I begin to feel

The cold breeze.

The cold breeze of painful memories

That takes away my comfort & ease.

It’s like I want to run away

But I can’t because these scars are here to stay.

Even though I want to hold & kiss you,

I can’t because I think you won’t allow me to.

But I don’t understand why you doubtin’ me.

I’m doing my very best to be true

‘Cause I’m practicing honesty.

I’m doing this so you can trust me.

I’m doing this to prove I’m trustworthy.

The Influence of Currency


Money, money, money.

Yeah, we all want a piece of it.

Hell, maybe not a piece, but a whole sack of it.

Once we have it, we’re probably contented… Probably.

But you see, that’s not the case,

‘Cause once we grasp it, things start to change.

We feel more powerful & in control.

We feel stronger than anyone & we’re invincible.

We feel higher than the average Joe.

We suddenly have the rights to discriminate John Doe.

We essentially become better than anyone else.

Unless they have a bigger pay-cheque & more furniture on their shelves.

We now have the audacity to mock people,

Just because they’re earning little.

We now think we’re cool & fancy.

Just because of our expensive clothes & jewelry

Oh man, look at what money has done.

It’s got all of us crazy, each & last one.

We now work for it like it’s a necessity.

Well, it’s a necessity due to its functionality.

That’s why we steal & kill for it.

That’s why we betray everyone for it.

Because of what money is for,

Some would willingly become a whore.

I don’t blame us for going to such length.

I understand its value & also its strength.

I know it has the power to change me & you,

But that’s something we shouldn’t let it do.

Unfortunately, that is what’s happening.

A paper, telling us what to do.

It’s a reality which is very disturbing.

A reality we can’t see ’cause we’re too busy to.

We’re too busy to notice

That it’s deforming our being.

It’s corrupting every ounce of our dignity.

It’s corroding every last inch of our humanity.

I’m Tired of People


I’m tired of people

& their self-righteous beliefs.

I’m tired of how they treat others

Like insignificant dead leaves.

I’m tired of people

& their all knowing arrogance.

I’m tired of how they think they know better

When they’re also drowning in ignorance.

I’m tired of people

& at how quickly they can judge.

I’m tired of seeing them judge their fellow

When in reality, we’re humans & all the same.

I’m tired of people killing each other.

& for what? For a slice of power?

But aren’t we stronger

When we unite like brothers?

I’m tired of people

& at how they can be so cold-hearted.

Aren’t we supposed to be helping each other?

Then why aren’t we looking out for one another?

I’m tired of us & our excuses.

I’m tired of seeing us submit to them

& we let our chances slip by.

I’m tired of us escaping our reponsibilities.

Because we should’ve been responsible

In making the world a better place.

We should’ve been responsible

For making peace being possible

& not this hell hole that we now face.

I’m tired of people

& for everything that we are.

But even though I know that we’re full of crap,

I still have hope for us,

& that we’ll one day heal our wounds,

Inflicted by our own death trap.

People’s Arrogance


I find it funny that people

Think they’re better than others.

It’s funny how they succumb to their ego’s call

& let it get the best of themselves.

They think that experience

Makes them have a better existence.

They think that what they’ve been through

Makes them superior due to what they know.

They assume that they’ve learned wisdom.

They presume they’ve acquired understanding

Of the World’s clockwork & being

& that they can turn it into their kingdom.

It’s a laughable content if you think about it.

‘Cause if they’ve really been enlightened,

Why do they have the nerve of undermining

A person just by looking at them?

Where do they get the nerve to be judgmental?

Where do they get the audacity to discriminate

& see everyone else as mindless apes

Yet they see themselves to be someone special?

I don’t think they’re neither edified nor regal.

‘Cause if they were, they’d know we are all equal.

They’d know we are beautiful & fragile with our emotion.

They’d know that what we need is love & appreciation.