Every Man For Himself


Have you ever felt like the world is against you?
Like, whatever you do is against what is true?
And instead of feelong bubbly,
You end up feeling blue?

Have you tried to fill your surroundings with kindness?
I’m not talking about everyone else.
I’m talking about the people in your life, the ones who exist.
Or am I just talking nonsense?

See, the world we live in
Is like a trash bin.
It’s filled with so much garbage and shit,
That we end up living in a hellish pit.

A pit filled with misery and sorrow.
A pit that doesn’t promise good things for tomorrow.
A pit that is filled with arrogance and selfishness.
A pit that is filled with wars and restlessness.

See, if you’re living in a place
Where equality only exists as an ideology,
You end up thinking “there must be something wrong with me.
Because I think equality is not just a theory.
Equality is something we can make into reality.”

Unfortunately, the truth hurts.
Because it’s hard to show kindness,
In a world where everyone puts themselves first
And only displays selfishness.

You want to be fair and equal.
You want to be kind and loving.
But how can you do that, in a world in a where “selfishness” is the king?
And everyone else is below the status of “royal.”