My World Stopped

My world stopped at the thought of poverty.
My world stopped at the hint of misery.
My world stopped when I practiced honesty.
My world stopped when I accepted the sadness in me.

My world stopped when I heard those words.
My world stopped as I heard those gloomy chords.
My world stopped, but not of my own accord.
My world stopped to find a better course.

My world stopped when I realized there’s a chance.
My world stopped when I noticed I shared with death this dance.
My world stopped to compose itself and correct its stance.
My world stopped to face reality and throw it some hands.

My world stopped because I got scared.
Afraid of losing everything, now that I dared.
Dared to face the outside world and all of its peril.
Fearful that I may succumb to its tyrannical will.

But I know my world shines brighter than the shambles.
I have no need to doubt, for the Universe is in my circuit.
No force, nor circumstance, can hold me down with their shackles.
I am connected to a force, greater than my own.
I shouldn’t think about lackness and about being alone,
For I am one with the Universe because I am its conduit.

Be Thankful

Give thanks for the people who were there for you.
Give thanks for the pets too.
Give thanks for the hardships and lessons in your life.
Give thanks for your loyal and loving wife.

Give thanks for the money you have right now.
Give thanks for the moments you were financially down.
Give thanks for the food that is on your plate.
Give thanks for the times when you barely ate.

Give thanks for the laughter that escaped your mouth.
Give thanks for the tears that your eyes let out.
Give thanks for the happy moments that you can remember.
Give thanks for the sadness that made you stronger.

Give thanks for everything that happened to you.
Everything was a blessing and a lesson too.
Everything happened for the purpose of moulding you.
So be thankful for the experiences and the Universe and God too.
For they are the ones who shaped you.