If I Could Create My Own World

If I could create my own world,
It would be one without vanity.
It would be one where people are free
To live their life however they want it to be.
It would be a place filled with love and unity.
A world where people understand that life isn’t about the word “me.”

If I could create my own world,
It wouldn’t simply just be
About struggling to survive and putting food in your belly.
We would be more than just butchers,
And Mother Nature abusers,
Because we understand that the very rock we live in,
This place that many would call rotten,
Is a part of our household because it is a member of our family.

If I could create my own world,
It would be one of creativity.
It would be a realm where people could express who they are
And let out their personal kind of crazy.
Everyone’s inner light would shine brighter than any star
And every single person is helping
Others who are healing,
And aid them stitch-up those self-inflected scars.
It would be reality where there would be no bullies.
A dimension where depression isn’t considered a pretense,
But is instead met with love, understanding and support from loved ones and friends.

If I could create my own world,
It would be a place where no one has to hide,
Their repressed emotions because we’d listen to their cries
And take the noose off their necks and best the shit out of suicide.
It would be a land where diplomacy reigns supreme,
Preventing countries from whipping out their guns and bombs,
Their nuclear warheads would calm down and stop them from being dumb,
Which would’ve lead to unspeakable acts of extreme
Violence and war, filling the world with innocent screams.

But I can not create my own world.
I can simply write and dream.
Put pen into motion and let my thoughts flow like a stream
And hope this would reach the hearts of those who are listening.
Those whose ears are not deafened by the chaos,
Those whose eyes are not blinded by pathos,
Those whose lips are not sealed by conformity
And those whose minds are not closed to the possibility,
That maybe we can create our own world and reality.
Maybe we can make one where we are all a family.

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