Bio: I honestly don't have much to say about myself, rather than being an avid lover of writing & transforming ideas, thoughts, emotions, etc. into life through pen & paper, but I think a small background should suffice. I have no favorite authors, I have very little knowledge about novels, books, etc. due to the lack of resources & income, but I try my best by scanning the internet. But regardless, believe me when I say this, when I read, I read with passion & conviction. As a kid I grew up knowing that I had no mother, I am a product of a broken family. When I first saw my mother when I was six years old, I ran up the stairs because I got scared because I thought she was someone else. The first time I saw her I couldn't believe I had a mother, it was like one of the biggest surprise a child could ever have in their life. At the age of seven I discovered my urge in wanting to write or type my thoughts or other things in a piece of paper or a computer. I remember vividly typing the License of Agreement for Windows 98 when my father purchased the operating system back then. I remember writing my first ever emotion on paper when I was in elementary school & it was about how I felt when for the first time I was left alone to fend for myself at school. I still remember it clearly that I cried so much when my sister told me she had to leave me, in a room full of kids who were strangers to me, that for me was the beginning. But the tipping point would be during my high school years, when I started to feel all kinds of emotions that I couldn't comprehend. I was feeling this thing called "Teenage Angst" & it was very uncomfortable & at the time it was alarming. That was the tipping point, that was the time when I fervently wrote poems almost all of the time. I didn't have an emotional vent or outlet so I made my poems as my outlet. That was also the time when I discovered my talents in essay writing, in debating, making speeches, etc. All in all, my life basically revolves around writing. I walk in the street then suddenly a new idea pops up in my head, then I find a good spot to sit on & I start to write. Like I said I don't have much to say but if I could leave with you something that would stick in your minds, I would say enjoy my works. You can criticize it, judge it, evaluate it, whatever you'd like to do but please, just do me one favor, ENJOY IT FIRST. 🙂

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