About kregianmiral

I honestly don't have much to say about myself, rather than being an avid lover of writing & transforming ideas, thoughts, emotions, etc. into life through pen & paper, but I think a small background should suffice. I have no favorite authors, I have very little knowledge about novels, books, etc. due to the lack of resources & income, but I try my best by scanning the internet. But regardless, believe me when I say this, when I read, I read with passion & conviction. As a kid I grew up knowing that I had no mother, I am a product of a broken family. When I first saw my mother when I was six years old, I ran up the stairs because I got scared because I thought she was someone else. The first time I saw her I couldn't believe I had a mother, it was like one of the biggest surprise a child could ever have in their life. At the age of seven I discovered my urge in wanting to write or type my thoughts or other things in a piece of paper or a computer. I remember vividly typing the License of Agreement for Windows 98 when my father purchased the operating system back then. I remember writing my first ever emotion on paper when I was in elementary school & it was about how I felt when for the first time I was left alone to fend for myself at school. I still remember it clearly that I cried so much when my sister told me she had to leave me, in a room full of kids who were strangers to me, that for me was the beginning. But the tipping point would be during my high school years, when I started to feel all kinds of emotions that I couldn't comprehend. I was feeling this thing called "Teenage Angst" & it was very uncomfortable & at the time it was alarming. That was the tipping point, that was the time when I fervently wrote poems almost all of the time. I didn't have an emotional vent or outlet so I made my poems as my outlet. That was also the time when I discovered my talents in essay writing, in debating, making speeches, etc. All in all, my life basically revolves around writing. I walk in the street then suddenly a new idea pops up in my head, then I find a good spot to sit on & I start to write. Like I said I don't have much to say but if I could leave with you something that would stick in your minds, I would say enjoy my works. You can criticize it, judge it, evaluate it, whatever you'd like to do but please, just do me one favor, ENJOY IT FIRST. :)

This is Just a Poem

This, is just a poem.
It is not the thing that keeps you up at night.
It is not the sounds you hear when you turn off the light.
It is not the bumps on the floor
Or the knocks on your door
That startles you and make you sweat in fright.

No, this, is just a poem.
It is not the one causing those footsteps you hear
Even though you’re home alone.
It is not the silhouette in your bathroom
That floats carelessly out of sight.
Appearing and vanishing faster than you can look from left to right.
It is not the intense feeling of someone standing behind you.
Hearing and feeling someone breathing on your neck,
You shake the feeling off by keeping your thoughts in check,
But that feeling of anxiety is bubbling up your gut.
Dread and curiosity makes you want to turn around but,
What if something is there to make your fears come true?

See, this, is just a poem.
It is not the shadow that you could see from the corner of your eye,
Reaching out and getting closer as the seconds pass by,
While this piece invades the screen of your phone.
It is not the whispers that fall into your ear
As you hide under the covers and cower in fear,
Wishing that the man standing at the edge of your bed
Looked alive and healthy, not pale and dead.
It is not the woman who has made a home of your ceiling.
The woman with hollow eyesockets and is always weeping,
Who sometimes charges at you while frantically screaming.

It is not the terror that makes you huff and puff.
The terror that makes your legs ache from the tough
Motion of putting one foot in front of the other,
As you run away from your bloodthirsty pursuer.
It is not the goosebumps that you get,
After getting struck with the feeling
That something from somewhere is staring
At you and I bet,
You’re feeling it now, as your pores begin to sweat.

But don’t worry because this is just a poem.
It is not the countless eyes that are now popping out the walls.
It is not the shrieks you just heard from the empty halls
And it is most certainly not the banging
That is coming from your closet.
It is not the sound of tapping
From your window as the hands try to open it.
It is definitely not the one standing next to you in the mirror.
The blood-stained face that will visit your dreams,
Turning it into a nightmare filled with darkness and horror,
As it wraps you in its arms, relishing in your screams.

But after you’re done with this, you’d probably be relieved.
Saying “none of this true” that’s what you’d probably believe.
So you’d probably invite the dark, instead of leaving the lights on
And then you’d instantly wonder “Am I truly here alone?”
You’re probably right, it’s just you and your white phone.
You don’t have to worry about me, for this is just a poem.


(1 verse, 4 lines) – #29

I used to be afraid of pushing myself to the limit.
Always avoiding the sacrifices and hardships I knew I needed.
But now I face them head on, while I smile although exhausted.
‘Cause shit just got real and I won’t stop ’til I reach my dreams and grab it.

A Bigger Smile

Sitting side by side with our faces on our phones.
We look like we’re together, but it feels we’re all alone.
We have our own worlds now with barriers thick as stone.
Our memories are no longer embedded deep within our bones.

We used to hug each other and talk for hours.
We used to laugh at lovers who prefer chocolates and flowers.
For we knew that our love would never grow old and sour.
But somehow it ended up losing all of its power.

Now we don’t even talk like we’re friends anymore.
We now look like people who’ve lost all their amor.
But maybe it’s for the best that we broke our hearts on the floor.
Maybe the best thing we did was slam the door.

It’s only been 4 months, but you look happier, yes you do.
Your smile is twice as bigger, compared to when I was with you.
And don’t worry I won’t take it personal that you’ve found someone new.
Because I realized something that is painfully true;
You certainly look happier when I’m not with you.