Flight of the Wingless Avian

I saw a wingless avian take flight for the first time.
I saw her jump from the open window that sang to her sweet melodies of freedom.
I saw her pale feet touch the icy ledges of the 7th floor concrete building, before she crossed the line.
The line between flying and falling.
The line between living and dying.
The blurry line between giving up and dragging your feet, trying desperately to hold on.

I saw her featherless skin that was colored with white chalk and sprinkled with snow.
She glistened like a diamond on that rainy afternoon, but she was a fading flame, slowly losing its glow.
She gently looked up towards the grey and gloomy sky,
She whispered sweet nothings to it, as if it was her lover and I,
Was mesmerized by the beauty of her essence that unfolded right before my eye.
She was clearly broken and the scars and bruises were the cracks she tried to hide.
She was obviously troubled by the voices that filled her head.
The voices that kept tormenting her at night, while she laid down in bed.
Her eyes were broken windows to her shattered soul.
They were dull and lifeless, making her look like a product of a twisted fate that is oh so cruel.
She was gorgeous, but life had her looking like a ghoul
and yet, if she was indeed undead,
Then she was the most dazzling zombie character I’ve ever seen, or read.

Yes, she was messed up and nobody understood, but she was gorgeous to me
And if only I had tried to appoach her,
If only I had exchanged sounds like “Hi” or “How are you doing?” with her,
If only I had taken the time
To listen as she pours the limitless volume of grime
That has filled her Hydriai with mossy backwater,
Then there could’ve been a chance that maybe,
I could’ve broken her fall, catch her and prevented this tragedy.

But… I didn’t.
No, I most certainly didn’t.
I just watched her spread her arms, bend her knees and jump.
As I watched in slow motion I could hear my heart pump
And I could see her slash through the tiny droplets of rain.
I could see her gliding through the air, like a rain-soaked dove
And I could see her eyes were closed, content as if she had found her one true love,
And she was smiling. A smile that told me she has finally found peace from all the pain.
That’s it! That was exactly it!
She was flying her pain away.
All the hurt and misery that made her decide not to stay.
She eventually came into contact with the cold, wet and unforgiving pavement,
And now crimson was the color that filled the street’s waterdrains and asphalted cement.

I saw a wingless bird take flight for the first time
And I knew that what I saw will forever haunt my mind.
Her pale feet and featherless skin that has been colored with white chalk and sprinkled with snow,
Her eyes which were windows to her broken and shattered soul
And the mangled shell that once contained her ghost,
Were now swallowed by a wave of bystanders, pedestrians, cops and fools.
They gawk at the ghastly site and take pictures for their FB post,
While she slowly fades and drowns into the blackness of their shadows.

Just Keep My Mouth Shut


Maybe it’s time I took caution for what I say.
‘Cause I’ve noticed things go bad that way.
It seems my tactlessness can’t be handled by some.
It seems as though it’s bad to be the honest one.

I’ve noticed that the words I say can hurt people.
It makes them retreat in their shells like a turtle.
But why do they react like that?
Is it really that bad?

Or is it because some people just can’t handle the truth?
If so, then I guess it’s bad to bear the honest fruit.
Or maybe they can’t handle it because they’re lying to themselves?
If so, then I guess it’s best to leave them by themselves.

I guess it’s time that I really just keep quiet.
I guess it’s time to let people and things be as they want it.
Honestly, I’m tired of showing that I care
Only to be misunderstood by people as bias and unfair.
This time, my honesty, opinion and advice is something they’ll never hear.

A Box Full of Disappointments


Looking back when I was a kid.

Looking back on the things I did.

Looking back on the childhood dreams.

Looking back on how they flowed like streams.

Reminiscing on what I love to do,

I can’t help but wonder “What happened to me?”.

I was supposed to be happy.

I was supposed to be true.

But in the end I got disdained.

All these years, I’m still in pain.

Missed opportunities lead to grief & woe.

I failed myself ’cause I sold out too.

We said we’d be there together

& none of us would give up.

We said we’d be brothers forever,

But then we needed to grow up.

We were supposed to be different,

We were supposed to be true.

But in the end we were inconsistent

Because we gave up too.

We lose our hope & we go numb.

We divert our attention

In an effort to ease our tension

Because we don’t want to see what we’ve become.

We jeopardize our faith & what we believe in.

‘Til we end up believing in nothing.

We let go of our talent & fantasy.

We gave up who we are to live in reality.