Go On And Move On


Go on and live your life, don’t worry about me.
Go ahead and move on and focus on being happy.
Don’t mind me because I’m used to being lonely.
I’m used to keeping misery as my own company.

Don’t think about the nights that we spent cuddling.
Don’t think about the days that we wasted hugging.
Forget about the times in which we both were laughing
And don’t even recall all the moments that we were loving.

Loving each other and being in each other’s arms.
Erase those memories when we protected each other from harm.
Obliterate those thoughts that we treated each other like charms.
Go ahead and find yourself a greener pasture and a farm.

Don’t wallow in our past that was filled with love.
Filled with hugs and kisses which was a gift from above.
Go ahead and fly like a beautiful little dove
And let me drown in my sorrows ’cause they fit just like a glove.

Halloween! Whoop! Whoop!

It’s almost 12 midnight here in the Philippines and once the clock strikes 12, it’ll be the first of October and the month of Halloween will commence! It’s one of my favorite time of the year, since I love scary and creepy stuffs, so I made a plan to make this month special.

For the month of October, I will be posting “horror,” but sometimes they’re really not scary, poems everyday for the whole month. It’s hard to keep posting everyday because I also have to go to work, but I will challenge myself to see this project through.

Hopefully, the momentum will build up and I’ll then be able to post all of the time, even if it’s not Halloween.

That’ll be all and in a few moments I’ll be posting my first “horror” themed poem! Again, to all of you wonderful folks who have stayed with me, even though I rarely post anything here, I thank you so much for the support and I want all of you to know that it means a lot to me. Thank you so much and stay awesome everyone! 😀

A Glass Full of Irony


We live in the age of intelligence & reason.

Open-mindedness & respect are widely encouraged.

Racism & close-mindedness are globally discouraged.

But time is indeed full of treason;

In a millennia of advanced humans,

People have devolved & became more inhuman.

Advanced technology is what we have at hand.

A technology which maximizes our communicative bond.

We have the internet & cellphones at our disposal.

But despite these apparatuses in our arsenal,

It seems we’re getting farther away from unity.

In lieu of this demented reality,

I can’t help but ask:

Is the extinction of humanity our unconscious task?

Shouldn’t we take off our baneful masks?

Equipments were made to ease our work.

Cars & gadgets, even a spoon & a fork.

They were meant to alleviate the load,

While we travel life’s perilous road.

But their purpose has now changed,

A change which I find so deranged.

Now they are luxuries to die for!

Are we in a drunken stupor?

Don’t they eventually fade & wither?

Even diamonds disappear for nothing lasts forever.

Items are supposed to be used,

People are supposed to be loved.

But people are now being used,

& items are now being loved.

Irony is indeed a monstrous fiend,

Twisting the fabrics of our humane needs.

We aim to be good, we aim to be kind,

But we are locked in a nauseating bind;

A shackle of doing the bad things we resist.

Perhaps it’s because our inner demons persists.

Destruction for us may be innate,

Yet we are also spiritually compassionate.

Regardless of how bad we may be,

We strive to leave a mark of goodness & equality.

Despite the shortcomings of our being,

We consciously persevere to be a good human being.

Coalesced We Exist, Estranged We Collapse


What is happening here in middle earth?

We’re spiraling down like we have no worth.

Bad news is what I hear every day.

Making me want to run somewhere far away.

There would be shootings & bombings.

Body counts & death tolls fill newspaper headings.

Pictures & videos of violence & death.

People VS people, aiming to stop each other’s breath.

There would be outbreaks of viruses.

Spreading bane & abhorrent diseases.

A wide grasp of a global epidemic,

Causing planetary anxiety similar to a pandemic.

There would be corruption all around.

Government burglars are now abundant & abound.

Drugs & prostitution are now publicly displayed.

These obscene things are alive causing only dismay.

We are filling the world with pain & desolation.

We are reaping our own self-induced annihilation.

If we do not stand & unite,

I fear all of us will stray away from the light.

So let’s go & be one!

Let us stand together & help everyone!

For if not, I might begin to believe my fear;

That hell is empty & all the devils are here.

A Crime of Compassion


I remember the moment of your birth.

The moment of your delivery unto the Earth.

I remember the sound you made.

Those cute noises which make problems fade.

I remember the first time you opened your eyes.

It made my heart melt even though it’s cold as ice.

I remember the first tantrum you had.

You were so annoying, but I could never get mad.

I remember the moment when you first crawled.

I saw your efforts as you stumbled.

I saw you roll & fall down.

I wanted to help you, but you had to learn on your own.

I remember your first step.

I saw as you slowly walk & skip,

From left to right, you slowly learned.

Until the time came when you grasped how to leap.

You were fulfilling your purpose for God.

It was an honor, for I saw the beauty & love.

The love of the creator for creating you.

A creature capable of taking away our woes.

Then the time came for tragedy.

When your body was filled with agony.

A monster bit you by the neck,

He struck a vein which paralyzed your legs.

I saved you from a certain death,

But you were gasping for breath.

I sheltered you & made you rest,

I took care of you & I did my best.

As the days went by, you regained your health.

But your legs were useless now,

Like a swordless sheath.

You can no longer walk or prowl.

I looked at you with pity,

Because you would scream my name for a potty.

You would call out my name when you are hungry.

I would then feed you with milk like a baby.

This scene went on for days,

I tried to persist in finding a way.

But I had no money so you could get a check up.

I had no money to know if you could still stand up.

I didn’t want you to be a vegetable.

I wanted you to be well & able!

But I know that is impossible.

For you were now a cripple.

I was sad beyond explanation.

Misery was the only existing emotion.

At a moment of desperation,

I had a morbid realization.

What if I end it all for you?

Would you want that too?

Would you rather fly in the sky?

Would you rather live with a sigh?

So I had to do what I thought was right.

I had to do it though it will keep me up all night.

Though I know it will haunt me for all of my days,

It would be alright, ’cause I’ll free you anyways.

So I held your neck & began to squeeze

The life out of you & into the breeze.

You kicked & squealed as you began to choke.

I squeezed tighter & tighter like a demented bloke.

Then, there was silence in the air.

Everything was quiet like an eerie lair.

I held your body, lifeless & stiff.

I knew then I was a cruel thief.

I Wish


I wish I could take away the pain from your eyes.

I wish I could wash away the sadness & lies.

I wish I could bring back a smile on your face.

I wish I could provide you with happier days.

I wish I could erase all the painstaking moments.

I wish I could fix your broken elements.

I wish I could carry your cross for you.

I wish I could paint your life vibrantly instead of it being blue.

I wish I could answer all of your questions.

I wish I could always bring out the goodness in your emotions.

I wish I could erase your pain & agony.

I wish I could chase away your crippling misery.

I wish I could bring back time & change history.

I wish I could change what happened to our story.

I wish I didn’t do those things that made you cry.

I wish I didn’t make a lie.

But I’m only human, an erroneous being.

Constantly making mistakes in the land of the living.

With all my heart, do hear me out.

This is my deepest & sincerest apology without a doubt.